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All the works on my website were designed and created by myself. I began working with glass in 1967.I am self taught with the exception of a week long workshop in Artistic Courage by Narcissus Quagliata in 1981. My present style is in part due to the fact that, because glass working  interfered with the operation of a gallery,  I took a sabbatical and pursued the creation of mixed metal jewelry. When I returned to stained glass the metalworking skills and attention to detail that I acquired creating jewelry became part of my new glass creations. I fill negative spaces with wire shapes and glass jewels. I often use air pressure and an abrasive to etch details in glass elements. I form air etched planet Earth domes in an electric kiln. I cap glass rods with copper to be used in the compositions.My influences are extremely varied. While I obviously admire the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright my interests also include Kandinsky, Vasarely, Gaudi, Hundertwasser and Hiroshige. Architecture appears quite frequently in my compostions and may take the form of whimsical castles, tipis, plants and wine bottle with doors and many other forms of shelter. Stained glass often carries much symbolism and I include many universal symbols.In the end my goal is to create a compostion that lifts the spirits and brings a feeling of joy and well being to the viewer. I like to think of myself as a visual alchemist bringing many diverse and exotic elements together to create new and magical talismans.     

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