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JackiGail began taking pictures to have free background  photographs for her web design business. Soon, she realized she enjoyed taking pictures. As her interest in photography expanded so did her desire for more photographic knowledge. She began taking photography classes, and experimenting with camera settings. 
As she traveled around Sonoma County taking pictures she found she lived in a photographer's heaven. At the request of her family she began to  make cards and framed photographs as gifts. JackiGail was invited to participate in her first art show in 2007, and accepted into the Russian River Art Gallery in 2014.
JackiGail feels that the print medium is as important as the photograph itself. Photographs she prints herself are printed on fine art museum quality papers and canvases using a Canon  Pro printer. Larger canvases and metal or wood prints are obtained from commercial printers specializing in high quality prints. 
All JackiGail’s fine art prints are limited to 25 copies and come with a certificate stating print number and number of copies in series. No fine art prints are made into cards, magnets, or mugs. JackiGail’s cards are unusual as the photograph is printed directly on each card, making a  4 x 6 matted picture. Each card, magnet, or mug is original art and limited to 200 copies. 



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