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My definition of art: “A highly individual and subjective expression, inspired and manifested through creative thought and then method, into hopefully, a pleasing visual form. “ 
I have been drawing and painting since the age of five. It is enjoyable and meditative for me. All projects are unique and call for different techniques; sometimes mixing mediums, pastel and watercolor on sandpaper, or on cardboard can create a different feeling about the painting.  The use of underpainting is a technique that I often use. It helps to define color values and creates layers for later painting, and can create some interesting moods.
It is important for me to have some kind of connection to my subject. For example, if I am painting a portrait, I want to know a bit about the person. This helps me to "see" them and get a better sense of who they are, creating not just a pose, but a a real life on my canvas. Because when I paint a person, I see details of the face and eyes that seem to bring me in contact with their soul. This is what I strive to create on my canvas.
I have had  many art teachers, but one of the most talented and inspirational, was Michael Linstrom. Influenced by Hawthorne’s Cape Cod School of Art and Impressionism, his focus was color, light and intuitive painting. I learned a great deal from Michael and am thankful for the opportunity to have studied with him.
Intuitive painting is an act of spontaneous expression and I believe the ultimate of creativity. I choose to apply as much intuitive thought to my painting as I can, after all, that is where the muse lies.
My earlier paintings are inspired by Western scenes. Most of which came from being fortunate enough to have experienced some of the Western life. [...]

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