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  Jack is an Auburn Washington native, with diverse passions. As a teenager, he flew a Cessna 150 all over the Pacific Northwest, including trips as far as Canada. Jack was a master gardener for five years, regularly volunteering to support Pierce County residents in their gardening adventures. Jack and his wife have four grown children and five grandchildren 
As a past student of Robert Walton, Herb Schraml,and Fred Oldfiel , who encouraged Jack to start painting on canvas again, and Fred Oldfield who encourage Jack to start putting horses , cowboys, and wild life in his work. Jack continues to refine his artistic talents. He has built a foundation of focusing on Northwest landscape art, including natural and artificial light ,horses and people.
While jack has studied under some of the region's grear artist, his ability to transform and ordinary glass ornament into a piece of art, is not only self taught, but unmatched by area artists. When Jack first ornament in 1982, he unwwittingly launched a product that would find its way into homes around the world.
Since that first expermental ornament, Jack has mastered the art of painting on a round surface and estimates he has painted over 4,000 glass ornaments. His talents have not gone unnoticed.He has been featured in galleries throughout the area and most recently has been a featured artist in the prestigious Clymer Museum of Art in Ellensburg, Washington, and the Gilbert Street Gallery in Seaside, Oregon.

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