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 J.R. Monks is a story teller of the West.  He works both directly in the field and in his studio, and strives to be honest and bold in his approach to creating images that speak to the beauty, grit, and spectacle of the Western United States.  J.R. is a 4th generation Colorado rancher, and  maintains a studio in his small hometown on the eastern plains near the ranch where he was born and continues to live on. Ranching and rural life are still a very important part of his life. His chosen medium of watercolor best captures the mood and atmosphere and is well suited to his personality.
J.R. feels a deep conection to the landscape and those who live closely in harmony with her, and his art is a humble homage to the infinite complexity of nature.  His experience as a rancher and his families stories of ranching and living on the land are part of his inspiration, but he also is fueled by his interest and desire to portray the story of the history of the West. The Plains People most especially the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Ute remain an intense area of study and appreciation for J.R. Despite a lifetime's sojourn in the West he considers himself a stranger in a strange land, an observer of an incredibly powerful place filled with history and stories. He simplifies what is perceived to be reality and creates paintings which are derived from an emotional response to the raw beauty, power, serenity, and complexity of his subjects.  
 "I  find inspiration in the land and those that have and currently do live among the natural rhythms.  Field work is critical to my creative process.  I work in the field for the experiences, to immerse myself in the wilderness, and to become intimately familiar with [...]

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