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As a boy, Jim MacConkey used to watch cars from his front porch in Cambridge, Ohio, memorizing all the makes and models passing him by. Soon he began to recreate them on paper. By high school, it was not uncommon for teachers to ask Jim to illustrate lessons for the class. So it came as no surprise to Jim’s family when he was offered a scholarship to art school. The Columbus College of Art & Design had recruited Jim for his innate drawing ability.

After attending Columbus College, Jim was accepted to Syracuse University, where he earned a five-year Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. As a young designer, he found work at various firms and eventually moved to Massachusetts to work in supervisory and consulting roles. It was there that he co-founded an industrial design and product development firm that operated from a Boston suburb for more than 27 years, with a small branch in Southern California. 
From the world's first self-service gasoline pump and the world's first fax machine—to innovative bus and trolley designs, medical equipment, boats, computers, fork lifts, consumer products, sports cars, and so much more,  Jim’s portfolio is vast and wide in the field of industrial design, spanning 45 years of work. In 2008, Jim retired to continue his life-long love of pastel painting from his home in California.
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