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As a young girl when I went in search of solitude, I turned to nature. Sitting next to a rambling creek or on a boulder overlooking a grassy vale, or sometimes the top of a tree, I found solace in the beauty and sounds around me. I believe that this craving for nature’s healing answer is why I love painting the landscape in all it’s lighted glory. When choosing a subject for a painting whether it’s en plein air (on location) or from personal photos of places I have visited, I look for those that reflect quiet, calm, and relaxed feelings. I believe my paintings bring me full circle as I retreat into them with the endeavor to pass on to others my impressions.
I am drawn to the pastel medium for its richness of colors produced by those small sticks of pure pigment. Pastels have an immediacy and vibrancy that radiates off the canvas.  With each stroke, crystals of sumptuous color slowly build upon each element of the painting. I look to the light to tell the story, it is the driving force of my work. While I am ever enchanted and amazed at the finished painting. It is the process of the creating that most fascinates me.  From the subject matter, to the planning and placement of the focal point, establishing the values that will set the color free; the process feeds my creative soul.
While photography is a valuable asset, it can not replace the mindfulness and sensuality of Nature. Many of my paintings begin en plein air where I can observe the play of sunlight on the surrounding beauty, and employ all my senses to enrich my work. As the light evolves or fades, I move to my studio to complete [...]

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