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Originally from Finland, I dreamed of becoming an artist early in life but somehow became a flight attendant for Finnair instead! Traveling for work and for pleasure, I enjoyed observing the countries, the landscapes and people I was seeing.  The urge to become an artist grew; and when I "retired my wings" and moved to the United States in 1982, I began to study art in New York and pursue my dream.
Since then, I have lived in Northern Virginia for over 20 years - but also some years in the Middle East and Florida - while always traveling and exploring new places.  Hence, recently, I spent almost a year in Italy and France.
It feels it was natural that my enthusiasm for new scenes led me to become a landscape painter.  Virginia's beautiful countryside has inspired several of my paintings, as well as scenes from Florida, France and Italy.
When in nature, anywhere in a beautiful countryside, I always feel such peace and harmony radiating around me that trying to capture the feeling of it on canvas has become very purposeful for me.  Art is like food for our souls, a powerful antidote to our hurried pace and stress filled lives.  My dearest hope is that viewing my paintings would transfer some of the peace, harmony, joy and beauty into your life, too.
For years, I have been so captured by landscapes that I painted fewer still life, figure or portrait paintings.  However, I am now painting more of those as well and enjoying it immensely.  
All of my paintings are done in oils in my studio except for plein air paintings which I paint outdoors on location.
Majoring in painting, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens College in New York, N.Y. and performed Graduate Studies in American University in Washington D.C.
I [...]

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