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  • Price Range: $5.00 - $2,000.00
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Artist Statement
I am often at a loss for words, but not ideas.  One idea is to have a little fun and spread a little joy; like the joy in seeing a brightly colored balloon adrift, or the detail discovered on close examination of an insect, or the random order of shattered glass.  I work primarily with oil, acrylics, or with oil and cold wax medium to create non-objective works.  Cold wax medium is a thick beeswax product with additives that speed up drying time and produces a suede-like finish.  Unlike encaustic painting, cold wax requires no heat, and a dried painting is as durable as other painting mediums.   Although I start with a general design in mind, a mark made in the cold wax layers may reveal a surprising pattern, texture or color that leads me in new, quirky directions.   Scraping, scratching, and sculpting using a variety of tools allow me to be more expressive.
I believe that painting is a continual learning process through practice and experimentation.  There are so many directions one can take as a painter that if I continue painting the “same way” I will never grow as an artist.  My intent is to have fun in the process and produce work that gives pleasure and joy.  
Irma was born in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Her interest in the arts led her to give up a 31-year career with American Airlines to pursue the desire to paint professionally.  With many years of “dabbling” in painting, the new millennium inspired her to seek more formalized training in the fine arts. 
Irma holds a business administration degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.  She has studied fine arts at Tarrant County College and at workshops with several highly regarded artists.   Irma received a teaching [...]

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