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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $250.00 - $6,500,000.00
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Irina Kirienko Milton is a successful, internationally recognized artist.She is an explorer in life and art, which leads to her unique perspective. She always seeks to see new aspects of her subjects that she can incorporate into her artwork. Irina explores the human condition, human-made objects, and the natural world in all its manifestations. She pushes the limits of what is possible in her painting, seeking challenges, and learning from the experience.Irina has a clear vision of life and the world around her. She paints using many different media in various styles. Her primary passion is oil painting, which she uses to capture her vision on canvas. She also has a passion for drawing, which she exhibits in her sketches. Irina brings this vision to the subjects of her artwork and through her passion for painting/sketching. Her main focus is simple everyday scenes that might go unnoticed if not for Irina’s astute eye.Irina Milton is a highly educated professional artist. With 20 years of teaching experience including Everett Community college, private art schools, workshops and individual training classes. Her education includes Master of fine art from San Francisco Academy of Art and a master's degree in engineering. Irina is a signature member of the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society, and American Women Artists. She has been selected to exhibit her works in many juried and invitational shows, she has received numerous awards, her work can be seen in galleries and private collections in the USA and around the world. All of Irina’s artwork display a fundamental element of classical Russian realism, master craftsmanship, and attention to detail through a highly developed execution of technique.
Richard Shank, Artist/Writer, Arts Advocate

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