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Through all my life journeys, whether it was directed toward my personal or professional life, I would keep turning to my art and the desire to draw and paint. I was raised in the Ukraine. My childhood was simple, warm and pure. We lived in a small picturesque village surrounded by fields and orchards on one side and the serene river Volchya which flowed at the foot of steep hills on the other. My mom was a skillful seamstress and a very creative and resourceful person. I grew up watching her doing a variety of artistic projects. She would not just knit, crochet, and sew our clothes by hand; she would make toys for us as well. Being intrigued by her creativity, I began drawing sketches for embroidering and needle-pointing dolls’ garments. My early “serious” art was in the style of posters which I would do during school breaks.
After graduation with a Master’s Degree in Architecture, I started my professional career as an architect but in time developed into solely designing interiors. I primarily worked as a graphic and interior designer incorporating art created by different artists into administrative, government, community and residential buildings. More often than not interiors were designed to integrate various original arts, such as murals, oil paintings, sculptures, furniture, decorative wall hangings, posters, batik paintings and many others. I would sometimes design and complete stained glass windows myself. 
While working in the graphic/design field, I had become influenced by a well-known Ukrainian fine artist Ivan Pylypenko. My first oil on canvas was a copy of his landscape. With his encouragement and permission to make copies of his work, I painted a few and presented them to my friends. I come from a big and amicable family with three sisters and three brothers, so it was a pleasure to [...]

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