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Ira Stark grew up during the 60’s on Long Island, NY. Influenced by the artistic talents of his mother and uncle, he pursued his passion for painting in college and graduated with a minor in art. After college, he chose a career in medicine placing his passion for painting on hold.
Art and especially impressionistic art continued to bewitch him through the years. “Whenever I went to an art museum, I would be drawn to the Impressionists and would examine their techniques, lighting and colors. I would often say to myself, I can do that!” Once his children were older, he was able to devote more of his free time and became a self  taught artist painting on weekends and evenings.
Experimenting in 2-d and 3-d art techniques, ”I developed a technique using oil on canvas or board and often using caulking material to achieve 3 dimensions. I love using bright colors which adds liveliness to my works.”
Three of my passions are art, painting and traveling. My paintings reflect the many cities and countryside that I have visited in Europe and Africa.  As I travel, I photograph scenery that would translate into interesting composition and wonderful colors.
Over the years, I have developed a technique that pushes the limits of impasto painting. I paint using bright colors on canvas in three dimensions, translating reality into snake-like abstraction. I call my technique, 4-Dimenional Serpiginous Abstraction.
First, I pencil my composition onto the canvas knowing that I seek abstraction of reality. Next, I apply layers of caulk and shape the caulk using blades, knives and spoons into abstract forms. After the caulk dries, I apply oil paints with bright colors onto the caulk. The result is a 3 dimensional relief-type oil painting on canvas.
For a catalogue of paintings see: www.irasart4d.com
Ira is a Radiologist in Philadelphia, and lives [...]

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