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The Artist Says:

"My passion to paint in fueled by the ever-changing beauty that, if we let it, confronts us at every turn.  When I see it, I crave to raise it on canvas."

Collectors Say:

"Inka's work is fantastic! I own half a dozen of her paintings and, to this day, enjoy living with them."  JD, Pianist

Dealers Say:

"Upon meeting Inka Zamoyska ... several years ago, I knew immediately that I had met an artist whose work reflected the two cultures ever present in her life, that of Europe and North America.  ... Once can see this multicultural heritage immediately when comparing her realistic still lifes to her contemporary vistas of the estuaries around the see.  Her style is filled with unexpected pleasure and varying boundaries."  Mildred Wilcox, owner of Left Bank Gallery on St. Simons Island, GA.

Other Artists Say:

"Amazing work Inka!"  M.M., Artist, CO
"I love your painting in the current show! Could not stop looking at it during the board meeting..."  R.A.M., Artist, La Jolla Art Association,  CA


Stirred by beauty and aesthetics, I am compelled to paint. Currently based in the Carolinas, I am in awe of the bountiful forests in these states.  My present focus is directed to painting trees, the flickering light and backlight, and the effect on color.  I am inspired to capture the mood of the forest, the individuality of the trees, the context and the sense of an invitation to explore.  While heeding the beckoning of the woodlands, I continue to paint portraits and landscapes. My artistic odyssey of continual learning and pursuit of artistic excellence perseveres.


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