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Ingrid Finn
• Nebraska native- born in St. Edward, NE
• Farming family, lived in Columbus, North Bend, Laurel, and later moved to
   Omaha and then Millard. Then lived York, Hampton and Dubois, WY
   then returning to Minden, NE.
• College – College of St. Mary- Omaha, York College- York, Kearney College,
   U of WY.
• Married – 3 children and 9 grandchildren.
• Worked NE- Jewelry Store in York, Interior Design firm- Aurora
• Worked WY Schools - Publications classes-16 years: Graphic design,
   Newspaper, Yearbook, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign,
   Photography, and Jewelry and Marketing classes.
• Retired teaching- moved to Minden, NE – to be closer to family.
Art History
• Always liked to draw- loved drawing dollhouse rooms, then drawing
   people and animals and rural barns. I am influenced by my
   surroundings and love Native American cultures and being out in nature,
   hunting, fishing, & collecting rocks. I’ve been lucky to have creative jobs.
   Wyoming had amazing mountains and wildlife and Nebraska has amazing
• Joined - art clubs, entered National and local art competitions, lots of
   workshops, Artist in Residence in local schools, judged county fair art.
• Loved watercolor painting the best, transparency to the opaque gauche
   and added ink touches.
• Detail work- really enjoy adding details to a painting, it really makes
   the art work come together.
• Bead classes from a Shoshone Indian woman- made lots of beaded items.
• Silver Smith classes- using gemstones and silver. Studied under a master
   silver smith.
• Artist influences- Zolton Szabo, Karl Bodmer watercolors from the
   1830’s, and Wes and Rachelle Seigrist.

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