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I love variety and change. Through a lifetime of learning and growth as an artist, I have tried to reinvent myself over and over again, but I've found that I always come back to who I really am, to my roots: a French artist who loves color, light, dancing brush strokes, whimsy and joy.

Collectors Say:

 I've studied and studied your new painting and gone back over the other work I have to see what changes you might have made in your style. The first thing I see is clarity. The colors are so simple, soothing and yet the warms you have used create the perfect foil for the cools. There is something compelling about the way you have painted the birdhouses and especially the leaves that points back to the old paintings that you sent us. Again, clarity. No jarring colors, very professional work, complete command of the subject. I'm impressed.

Other Artists Say:

Inspiration is faith: when unreachable is already reached and inconceivable is already conceived. (by Akiane, 12-year old artist)


I was born in Pnom-Penh, Cambodia, in 1949. I moved to the S.W of France at the age of 6. My interest in Art began at an early age, while drawing and painting with a family of artists, writers and musicians. After two years of study at the Academie Charpentier and Atelier du Mai, Paris, where I learned the foundations of classical Art and Graphic Design, I moved to the United States at the age of 20, to complete my education  at California College of Arts and Crafts, where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design. I married and raised a family, working at various Design projects. But Art remained my number one passion through life. I have won many awards and my work can be found in many U.S homes as well as France and Mexico.Using Graham oil paints which are non-toxic and highly saturated, I  maintain  a palette of pure and clean colors, to depict my favorite subject: the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where I now live  with my husband. The liveliness in my painting style places me somewhere between Impressionism and Expressionism. But in a location where the light is blue, the skies often gray, and the landscapes deep green, I continue  to fill my scenes with the warmth and colors I remember  from my childhood in France. Lately, I have rediscovered the joy of painting with acrylics which are fast-drying and bright. Through my work, I hope to glorify God and His Creation, and to offer His Love, Beauty and Joy to the viewer.
Academie Charpentier, Paris, France: Fine Art
Atelier du Mai, Paris, France: Graphic Design 
California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA.: BFA in Environmental Design
Latest solo exhibits:
- One of a Kind Gallery, Port Angeles, WA. Dec. 2018
- Laurel Park, Port Angeles, WA. [...]

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