An example of fine art by ILDIKO CSANYI



It was a bitter , cold winter day when Ildiko Csanyi was born in Mako , Hungary in the year 1969.
Her father was amazed when he saw the long fingers of his first born child. He predicted : " She will be a famous artist or a famous piano player ... " Well , friends... he was right . She became an artist. She wasn't even two years old when everybody around her adored her pictures. She won numerous awards too during her years in the " mother country".
In 1987 , She immigrated to Canada , where She continued her studies in fine art and Interior Design. She worked full time as an Interior Designer for a number of decades , but she always tried to find time for her real passion and created great  many pictures for you to enjoy. She , also designed logos and posters for many different sport groups. We will see some of her designs in the art gallery .
Ildiko enjoys working with many different art medium , but her most favorite one is still the coloring pencil on paper or black paper for more dramatic results. The category she likes to put herself into is the " Op-Art " ( optical art) , and within the picture is picture. In this unique application the artist hides numerous pictures into the one main picture. Only your imagination can bring those forward.
............So , my Friends ! Lets go to the gallery and start the discovery !......

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