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Ijlal Olguner is an expressive figurative artist who uses a broad range of materials to build color and texture in her work.  Born in Turkey, she migrated to Australia at an early age,  yet her drawings and paintings carry the character of her occidental history, exploring the triumph and melancholy of the human condition and what we create, with a  rich patina of colors.
This theme plays out in many ways giving credence to the anomalies of fashion, the quirky humor of juxtaposition and the darker more serious side of our consumption and how it impacts on the planet.
In all her work the skill in drawing character and portraying the raw depths of human emotion is present.  The way she can capture an aspect in a portrait is powerful. More so, the way she layers materials also alludes to the texture and grit of the challenges we face and the people we become because of it.
Sometimes humorous, sometimes catastrophic, there is real power in the way she captures the essence of a narrative as she layers, paint, chalk, gesso, pastels, glue and many mediums on her canvases.
Ijlal is not timid when it comes to building texture and height in the surfaces of her work.
She continues to stretch expression and create reactive work that pushes the audience to feel a range of deep emotions from delight to devastation.

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