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Born in Madrid in 1992 , Tuesday, under the influence of the Capricorn sign.Raised in Madrid but hungry for discovering the rest of the world.
After Fine Arts and illustration education, in the summer of 2011 I was ready to start my tattoo career.I spent the following six years of my career traveling and working around the world.
Europe was my beginning and America is where I am right now.
I could list in here a list of awards, exhibitions, and studies but I prefer that my art speaks with me, not titles (but if you are really interested, reach me out and I will be happy to provide you with it).
Since the Covid 19 pandemic, I’m more static, so you can find me at Dark Mark tattoo in Keene NH.
Watercolor became my main form of expression while the pandemic happened. This granted me time to paint as never before.
Right now my main focus are my tattoos, watercolor paints, and mastery of color with The Color Artventure.
I’m always happy to collaborate with other artists. I love to do collaborations both paint tattoo and project wise.Send me a message if you have any  idea click here

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