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I was born in a pre-fabricated Army Nissan Hut in England's industrial heartland,(see photo) full of factories and workers houses. Much later I developed a love of black and white photography showing the gritty back streets and real working people.
Then moving to the coast of  South West England in Devon, it's a more rural setting and I was surrounded by beautiful leafy landscapes and the ocean which imprinted my imagination with a different scene.
Now living in Australia for the last 12 years, on Sydney's Northen Beaches you would think with years of living by water that I wanted to paint seascapes but no...my overriding passion is to paint Barns in a landscape and colourful textured abstracts.
My developed style is always concerned with chiaroscuro (from my photography days)but unlike my photographs I need colour, and plenty of it!
You will see in most of my semi-abstract work I like dark or colourful skies, Barns, roads, paths and rivers with strong side or back lighting with plenty of shadows to create depth and luminance.
My abstract work is always based on my 'Joy of Colour' vibe where I investigate layered colour relationships supported by shapes and values to create a meaningful composition which hopefully invites the viewer to explore.
I am completely self taught which gives me the freedom to paint how I want and just use my brushes, pallet knives and fingers to tell a story from my heart.
Some of my favourite artists who have influenced and inspired me are the American painters Edward Hopper and Peter Batchelder, Australia's Jeffrey Smart and Robert Dickerson and German Wolf Kahn.

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