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Although I still work as an illustrator, the self exploration and freedom involved in painting without a client in mind has become extremely precious to me. The allowance that a mistake is not a problem, but more often an opportunity to move myself in a different direction lets me explore my work in a fresh way." I suppose that's a nice way of saying I make a lot of mistakes.



Iain Stewart is an award winning watercolor artist and a signature member of the American and National Watercolor Societies among other state and international entities. He has also recently been inducted into the Whiskey Painters of America. 
His work has received numerous awards in international competition and hangs in many corporate and private collections.
Iain is a sought after watercolor instructor and juror and has been published in numerous books and periodicals.   
Iain maintains a studio in Opelika, Alabama, and in addition to gallery work, is an Architectural Illustrator with an international clientele and is an adjunct Professor at the Auburn University School of Architecture.

Artist’s Statement
I rely on instinct a great deal when working. I am most often motivated by capturing a definitive lighting condition and how it influences shape and value rather than faithfully representing the subject as witnessed. Watercolor is uniquely suited for this task as “light” is reserved from the first brush strokes and must be protected throughout the painting process. 
I often use remembered atmospheric and lighting conditions in my work and  would say that I paint from life and memory simultaneously. My watercolors are not only a translation of what I see, but more importantly, an expression of how I choose to view the world.



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