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Hsiu-Zu Ho
Mixed Media Artist

"I was born in the year of the dragon, on Chinese New Year’s day, the youngest of eleven children. According to Chinese astrology, a dragon is full of vitality and strength, is passionate but can appear distant, soft-hearted but can be stubborn, and symbolizes power and fertility—at least that’s what the Moon Palace restaurant placemat says.

In Taiwan, I played jump-rope with linked rubber bands, prayed at the Buddhist temples, prepared for the typhoon seasons, ate shaved ice with sweet milk and azuki beans and celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth moon. A fortuneteller once told my mother that I would be a scientist and an artist.

I am today a career Mom. My briefcase includes a supply of Tiger balm, dried salted plums and chrysanthemum tea bags. I eat pot roast with chopsticks, celebrate Thanksgiving with a Peking duck, remove street shoes upon entering the house, and try to [...]

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