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I have always been interested in art and as a student I spent time either drawing or experimenting with acrylics. In high school I was awarded a Gold Key honor for my drawings through the National Scholastic Arts program and entered college with the intent of studying applied arts. Instead I earned a Bachelor degree in Interior Design from Florida State University, which entailed hours of drawing, drafting, and creating color boards using proportion, scale and perspective skills. This education led to a very fulfilling residential design career where the creativity allowed me to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Over the years I enjoyed painting in my spare time, but had never had formal lessons. After years of dabbling, my husband surprised me with art lessons as a gift. I began taking oil painting classes at Braitman Studio and am now passionately obsessed! I have been experimenting with different styles and subject matter as I embrace the techniques and approaches taught by the renowned Andy Braitman and his diverse and talented co-leaders. Like so many artists, I love the way color and texture can be applied to a blank canvas, yet evoke such emotions and memories, no matter the venue. My art has taken me down a wonderful path that I never thought possible. I am so inspired by the incredible artist friends I am meeting along the way, and the endless opportunities to explore the world around me. I invite you to join me on this journey, take a peek at some of my work, and contact me with any questions. I always want my art to spark a story, turn a page!

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