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Color is the joyful language of life

Collectors Say:

I received your package today and I love your painting! I was well worth the wait!
Thank you for such careful packing, the certificate, and also for the sweet Thank You notecards and note to me. Very nice!



Hoda Nicholas is a Canadian landscape and floral artist born in Cairo, Egypt and currently living in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Her journey with art started a long time ago with a passion for all expressions of art and everything beautiful. She is self taught through books, workshops, art classes, instructional videos and any opportunity she can get to learn and be mentored. She primarily paints in oil on gallery wrapped canvas. She loves painting the Canadian landscape in vibrant expressive colours and bold brush strokes. Through her art, she intends to send a message of joy to the viewer’s heart leading to an appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. Hoda uses colors expressively and vibrantly to capture moments in time highlighting the beauty in a flower, a landscape, a pear or a child’s face. She is after evoking a feeling rather than depicting an accurate representation of the subject allowing the viewer to interact with the paintings at a more emotional level. The subject might vary but the end goal remains, invoking a sense of joy and beauty through each painting. Pursuing art is an ongoing journey for Hoda filled with excitement and anticipation of what each painting will bring forth.Welcome to the website and thank you for stopping by! 

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