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Making art has been a constant in my life. The sanctuary of the art room helped me through the uncertainties of adolescence and high school. Watercolor painting kept my artistic spirt alive through two 15-year professional careers, one in business and the other in academia. My fascination with the role of artistry in human performance, even motivated me to research and write a little tome on the subject titled, Artistry Unleashed (a paperback edition is due 2021.)
20 years ago, life led my husband and I to 25 acres in Sonoma County where he and I currently raise goats, Jersey cows and pigs, make hundreds of pounds of raw milk cheese each season, and grow vegetables, fruits and flowers, all of which I am sure will someday end up on my canvases.
I am relatively new to oils, to showing my work, and to the community of painters that use this medium to express their vision. It’s a welcoming, creative, liberating and inspiring place that I couldn’t be luckier to have found. I’m still sorting out how to handle these paints, how to translate what I see to canvas, and what elements of my world excite my attention—all this must happen during the few quiet hours I have between morning milking, evening milking, and endless barn chores. At this moment, I find myself in the middle of the best learning adventure I can imagine.
Many artists want to tell a story, others strive to capture transitory qualities of light and color, still others employ the elements of form and design to create images of great emotional impact. Every artist has to find out what they working toward, this usually happens as they paint. Looking at my past work in watercolor and my current choices of imagery, it’s easy to see that I am drawn to living creatures. [...]

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