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I was born & raised in Hawaii and surrounded by ocean, sky, waterfalls, streams, mountains and lush green landscapes everywhere I looked. However, I barely saw it while growing up and just took it all for granted. I preferred exploring it with other young men of the island - running and walking through it and over it and around it and on it. We tested ourselves and fought "battles" and took the "hills" barely seeing the views or vistas and overlooking all of the details.
My father, however, "saw" it, "observed" it, in all of its variations and colors and richness. He was also born and raised in Hawaii and chose to put his visions of Hawaii on canvas in oils so he could share what he loved so much. He taught me to go beyond "seeing" and truly "observe" everything I could take in, both in nature and in the people who lived in it. He taught me principles of painting that he had studied, learned and developed as he painted over 4000 paintings and portraits.
My regret now is that I took his talent and abilities and experience for granted and now I long for his advice and counsel and critique. He knew I would have to find my own way and my own style, but I sure would like his guidance as I am now ready, and willing to tell the stories of what I see and feel, using a small brush, dipped in dabs of color, and applied to canvas!
Artist's Statement
Light and shadows, stillness and activity - I try to capture moments in time, the whole story caught up in the moment suspended on canvas. A viewer getting a glimpse into time and space, bringing their experiences with them and recognizing something from their own past, or their hopes [...]

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