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Born in a peaceful town on water in South China, I have an inherent love for natural beauty. Those drizzling days, small bridges, meandering streams, and waterfront houses are still fresh in my memory.  Calligraphy and Painting in Chinese-ink are very popular in my hometown.  Influenced by the surroundings, I began to paint at a very young age.  Following my instructor, a brilliant artist  graduated from  China Central Academy of Fine Arts, I studied arts and received strict training on  drawing  and  painting in high school. I painted still-life and landscape in both Chinese-ink and watercolor at that time.
At the age of 18,  uncertain  about the  practicality of a career in arts,  I  went to college  pursuing my degree in Science. As a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of both  Economics and  Psychology,  I  had a successful career in finance for more than 15 years. However, my interest in art has never faded through these years. When I moved to Seattle in 2010, inspired by the awesome Northwest scenery, I picked up my brushes again and rekindled my love for painting. I paint with several local artists in both oil and acrylic, and learn from great masters through their books and workshops as well.
Motivated  by  the constant  encouragement  from my family, I finally  dedicated  myself to an art career.  Joined the Collymore Atelier for Emerging Artist Program in 2015, I had my 12 paintings exhibited in a group show in April and another 14 in December 2016 , both at Frye Art Museum art studio, Seattle. Also, my solo shows were held successfully in several parties.  Thanks to my wonderful collectors and everyone who loves my art, I will keeping painting and share more work with you in the coming year.
Amazed by the beauty of nature,  I have developed a strong [...]

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