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"Genius does what it must, talent does what it can." This life of mine is quite a journey of creativity and talent . . . in both music and the arts! I am so blessed.


I'm an oil painter and I paint what I know: garden blooms of the three seasons in upstate New York, the landscape of Columbia County, and occasionally vacation areas I've fallen in love with. Painting familiar surroundings brings me comfort as I place paint on canvas what I see and appreciate. It's a sort-of picture journal of what I witness. Sharing this familiarity with you gives me a great deal of pleasure. I've connected with oils because of its buttery smooth texture, it's delicious depth and intensity of color. The title 'tonalist artist' found me . . . romantic, moody, quiet. This is how I paint! But I also study . . . and impressionism is a favorite style of mine. I'm working on this style . . . a sort of 'tonalist-impressionistic' approach!
Occasionally, my focus is on daily painting. That is: painting a small work each day. For me, this is approximately 3-4 paintings per week. The focus is painting Columbia County and everyday life of this rural area in the Hudson River valley, still life, people. Its a way to work quickly, not focusing on too much detail . . . and learn.
Perhaps a bit ambitious, but I also hope to get out and paint plein air one day a week at some point . . . Lots to do, so little time.

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