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 ‘I am lucky enough to spend some time everyday in nature.
I am drawn to quiet places and old trees. I feel like they are silent witnesses to our speedy human comings and goings, and will remain long after we have gone.  I find Nature to be my sanctuary, my space for meditation and renewal.
In my artwork I try to capture those moods for others to experience.
The Japanese term 'Shinrin yoku' translates as Green Bathing, and is known to be powerful medicine for healing stress and anxiety. Popular Science and Psychology Today have published studies that show being in the presence of Nature or even viewing images of Nature increases Dopamine and Serotonin levels.
The restorative benefits of  looking at and being near trees are truly amazing.  Trees decrease our stress levels, heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure and asthma rates. 
I want to bring this sense of restorative balance into your home with my art.
I use different techniques to relay different aspects of expression.
I often start with fluid acrylics and work in a loose watercoloury way to convey Natures easy exuberance and vitality. The second process is working in oil paint and cold wax medium with palette knives and brushes, building up some areas to draw the viewers focus.
'I like to use unexpected colours that convey the impression of magic in the forest.’
Contact me to make an appointment to come by the studio, and see some new paintings.
:) Helen
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