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     Helen’s work was initially inspired by the surroundings of her childhood and home state, Florida.  She is especially intrigued by old architecture, unique gardens, remote beaches and waterways.  This interest has allowed her to bring a unique perspective to her work.  As her artistic journey has evolved, her style has been greatly influenced by travels throughout North America and Europe.  Her love for unique subject matter becomes an inspiration to express and share the delight she has experienced.  She is often seen with her camera across her shoulder so as not to miss any opportunities to capture subject matter for her next painting.
     Helen also possesses an exceptionally keen eye for still life composition.  She demonstrates an outstanding feel for color, harmony of tone and flawless simplicity.  This is reflected in her use of various forms of light to bring out surface textures in the most ordinary objects. 
     Nature and her love for gardening continue to spark Helen’s passion to paint.  Her home and gardens on the intracoastal waterway in Ponte Vedra attest to her talent for design and composition which are often the focus of her paintings.
     Helen’s techniques have been shaped by studies with mentors and instructors notably: Leonard Wren, Connie Winters, Robert Johnson, Alice Williams, Morgan Samuel Price, Jean Chambers, Jim Draper and most recently Chang Quiang.


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