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I was born into the family of a naval officer stationed in Rhode Island. When I was seven my father brought home two oil painting sets from one of his cruises to Hong Kong. They were beautiful; wooden boxes, including a wooden palette, the basic set of colors, metal jars that could clip on to the palette for turps and linseed oil, brushes. My father loved art, but knew nothing about painting, unless it was painting a barn. He grilled the shop owner on how to use and take care of everything in the set. When he got home he spent an afternoon patiently showing my brother and me everything he'd learned. My brother used what he'd learned to paint the floor in the hallway and that was the end of his career as an artist. I filled all the canvases my dad had brought me with all the things I imagined to be wonderful and exciting in the world. It was the start of a lifelong adventure exploring how ideas and ideals can be captured in the painted image. I graduated from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland with a double major in art and theater. I worked toward an MFA in theater design at the University of Virginia, though I did not complete that degree. I have worked for defense contractors and graphic design shops. I am currently earning my bread and butter as a freelance bookkeeper, but am about ready to hang up my calculator and return to my real love. I have married, divorced, raised a son and moved across the country on my own. I have read everything I could get my hands on from military history to Joseph Campbell to the historical romances of Sir Walter Scott and Mary Stewart. I have studied the [...]

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