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Landscape is like music. It fills the space of itself and tells a story that can be altered by the beholder.  Vistas, forests, enclosed gardens, deserts, mountains, and oceans all provide me with inspiration personally as well as for my paintings.  My paintings are my response to nature, my true teacher. 
The Pacific Northwest is the subject of many of my paintings, as well as other states throughout the US. My travels in Mexico, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, England, France, India, and Canada provide more images to work with.  
Everywhere I am, I respond to the landscape, especially trees, which has led other artists and gallery executives to call me “The Painter of Trees”.
After a successful career as a music teacher and private tutor, Helen rediscovered her passion for oil painting, which began in 1952 during her childhood in the mountains of North Carolina. She now resides in Seattle, Washington. She is a member of Women Painters of Washington and Seattle Co-Arts.

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