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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Nerd, vegetarian, oil painter who loves Jesus.

  • Price Range: $40.00 - $936.00
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Your life has magic moments. Those small dots in time that make your heart skip a beat. That gorgeous fuschia coffee cup that you love so much. The way the sunlight skimmed the hills on your drive to work. The memories from your family dinner on Sundays. I chase those moments!
My art captures those everyday magic moments. For all those walks where I found the perfect leaf! (ask me how I had a purse full of crumbled leaf bits). For the coffee cup that is the perfect color orange! (and all the other things that I love that are colorful) For the furry friends that are so sweet! (I start doing a happy dance in my studio when they look back at me.) – all of these moments are what I capture in my art.

When I was very small, I read a lot of books (still do!). I fell in love with the beautiful illustrations in those books. Later on, I started drawing, and I was excited to see the things that could be done with just a pencil.
Over the years I’ve worked as a landscape designer and an engineering drafter. I’ve designed several homes, too. More and more, I’ve realized that our personal space is special – or it can be. It can reflect who you are, make you feel at peace or excited, and help you to smile more.
When I started getting back into my art seriously several years ago, I realized the part of my life that had been short-changed for many years. I’d expressed myself creatively, but part of me needs to create as an artist. Creating something and seeing that beauty makes my heart skip a little. I chase that feeling every day.
Truth --> When my painting or drawing rings with something beautiful, there’s often a ‘Woo hoo!’ or other craziness [...]

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