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Hi there.
This is my 'about' page, so I'm going to now explain about myself in the best way possible, and since you're reading this, I'm going to try to make it more exiting than watching paint dry.  
I made a joke, did you see what I did there? 
So my name is Heather, and I live in Massachusetts.  The state of potholes and Dunkin Donuts. 
Also Red Sox and Patriot football, -and the Bruins, which is great, but I'm not into any of that. 
I'm into art. 
I've been an artist for mostly more than 20 years now, but who's counting? 

I never really thought I could pursue a career in art because I was led to believe otherwise. 

You know, all the lies about stuff we are told,
--Santa is real,
-the Toothfairy comes and takes your teeth and leaves you money,
- The Easter Bunny leaves you candy and eggs on Easter Sunday,
and you'll never make it as an artist, so give it up!
I don't think it went down exactly like that but close enough.
I'm pretty sure you have to like and believe in what you do, first. 
Then others will believe in you too.
I love creating interesting pieces of art, and I make it for feeling what connects me to something, or someone.
Because when I'm myself, and honest and authentic I connect to those places within myself, and then other people see that and feel connected to themselves, so it's a big connection of a higher feeling.
This also happens when people are at a rock concert and people are smoking too much weed and you get stoned just by standing there, so maybe I'm not that special, but I'm here at it anyhow.
I'm old enough to be a little jaded and have had some serious shit go down [...]

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