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     Heather Purvis McConnell drew an exciting charcoal drawing at the age of six and won a statewide art contest in the first grade. One of six children, her Canadian family moved to the states by way of Belingham Washington to Northern California when she was two, where she continues to live and work. Her mother, Jane Purvis McMeekin,  encouraged her art. It wasn't until Heather found herself in the Louvre Museum in Paris many years later that she discovered herself, her passion and her love of fine art.  Drawn to and inspired by the sea, she paints and writes her passion.   
     Heather lives in Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco California. She spends her life learning to express how she sees the world that we all share with her painting and writing. Many of her paintings begin outdoors "en plein aire." They usually start first as a sketch in oil paint on canvas board, painted in the spirit of the moment and with correct colors. A picture is taken as well and off to the drawing board it becomes a pencil sketch of values. Then the graphite pieces are gridded out on the drawing in order to enlarge and the oil painting is finished on a larger canvas in her studio. These outdoor oil sketches  are sometimes sold as is, and #1 is put into the title. All paintings are sold as originals and gic'le'e prints can be made to any size.      Heather has said about her work: "I can't help but try to capture this incredible, immense, limitless possibility we all experience. Just a little essence of the vastness... like that still space in the atmosphere above and around the ocean, rivers and bays. You can see and feel it! A simple yet complex revealing of truth in nature. It makes me feel so alive... I can only [...]

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