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I get the most joy when a collector tells me how my painting makes them feel! That means I have connected with them on a personal level.



"Heather's paintings have dramatic lighting and mood drawing the viewer in from across the room. At closer inspection the play of paint and brushwork come to life, revealing Arenas' passion for even the smallest surprises." - a happy collector

Heather, like most artists, began her love of art very early in life. Her grandmothers and her parents were influential and endlessly provided her with books, crafts, supplies and encouragement. She, of course was advised to follow a different path as she began her post high school education. Her ever present interest of the human form led her to briefly attend med school. Her studies of anatomy, art history and ceramics were a clue that art was her calling and should be followed through. Heather’s path has taken time with many twists and turns only to bring to light that oil painting excited her as much as the figure, and so she began her career as a professional oil painter.

If you are one of those people lucky enough to see Heather paint you will witness her joy and enthusiasm,  singing and dancing with her brushes in hand. Her music choices run the gamut from hard rock to classical. “I listen to music and the music helps my brush seemingly move without assistance. Depending on the tune I can feel the beat ignite fire into my paintings.” Heather enjoys painting any subject but her first love is the figure. “The perfection of the human body, the curves, the movement, how a being sees and looks back at me, how it walks across a room, it’s all perfect. Figures are a vehicle for me to show my appreciation of the grace and mechanics of life’s ultimate creation.”

As a professional oil painter Heather has honed her technical skills with some classes, even more self-education and a [...]

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