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Heartland Art Club serves and promotes artists in the heartland of America. The club supports and encourages the creation of quality representational art through education, exhibits, and engagement. Its purpose is to elevate representational art, its disciplines, and history. 

The Birth of a Passionate Idea
America's heartland has many high-caliber fine artists who often do not receive the acknowledgement they have earned. Heartland Art Club exists to remedy this by promoting and encouraging the creation of quality, representational fine art through education, exhibits, and engagement. Our goal is to elevate representational art, its disciplines, and history.
For several years, a group of artists and supporters in the Midwest have been mulling over ways to engage and educate the community regarding the importance of collecting, preserving, and supporting traditional representational art. Although there are some outstanding organizations with similar missions on the coasts, little attention has been paid to the interior of the country—and the heartland region has so much to offer!
The task of turning our vision into reality initially seemed daunting, but with the continued efforts of our dedicated volunteers, our organization is quickly evolving into something great! Heartland Art Club is already on its way to putting the center of America on the representational art map!
Heartland Art Club is a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the state of Missouri. The Club has a permanent office and exhibit space in Kirkwood, Missouri, called The Galleries at Heartland Art Club.

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