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Rosie has enjoyed the past year and a half by continuing to hit the gym, teach, and conduct research.  She has also sewn clothes for Melea, planned an entire vacation by herself, and is currently taking a home repair and auto mechanic class. 
Melea has really taken off as a dancer - must be in the genes (her Auntie's genes that is).  She takes a 45-minute bath almost every night while Daddy learns the guitar.  She's also learned to tackle and throw and started nursery school last November, to which she's adjusted very well..  The highlight of the year may have been at the Coffeehouse, where her live rendition of her original OEOO song brought the house down. 
Ben spent most of his time trying out new hairstyles, only to revert back to a short cut.  In his spare time, he put together his first two solo art shows.  Use the link above to take a look.
Rosie is enjoying her summer by hitting the gym and conducting research. She has really taken over the reins as the man of the house by grilling and drinking beer out on the back deck at least once a week. Does it really matter that she grills only exquisite veggie dishes and actually drinks root beer?

Melea hangs out in the garden every morning. She loves making mud pies and watering the veggies and trees. Weeds tremble with fear when Melea pulls her compost cart up to their doorstep. She's also been learning Thai and has been trying to teach her Daddy a word or two - a frustrating task indeed.

Ben completed a 10 day meditation retreat in June and has been painting and meditating with mucho gusto since then. [...]

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