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Harvey Segal
Born in Montreal Que. Canada
Studied with Doug Dawson of the Denver Artist League
also studied with Harley Brown of Tucson.
And practiced and practiced and practiced.

I paint in the Impressionist Tradition.

I want to tell you a story.........
When I was a pre-teen and feeling down, my Dad would suggest to me to go to an art class.
Being a good son I said I would go if it made him feel good. He worked hard ,and I knew that going to the art classes would be a positive reward for him.
My brother and sister didn't want to go so I went.
Little did I know then that he was actually doing it for me. He saw something in me that I didn't.
He's not here anymore but I thank my DAD  for those art classes that I did as a favour for him.......little did I know.

I hope I still make him proud of me.....every day.

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