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Hans Baarschers was born in 1947 in the city of Hengelo in the north-eastern part of The Netherlands. His connection with ships dates back to the time when, as a 4-year old, his family moved to the major port city of Rotterdam. An instant relationship with ships and art was established after watching with fascination the launching of a passenger liner from one of the many large ship yards along the busy Maas river.
Immediately after arriving back home an impression of the event was produced with pencil and paper and, to the astonishment of both parents, completely 3-dimensional and showing a keen insight in perspective drawing unusual for someone of that age. Since that time Hans has been what can be called a “ship-nut”, fascinated with ships and the sea, and fervently applying pencil, pen and crayons to depict these every way he could.
Naturally wanting to be an artist he studied commercial art after high school, but having watched ships move down the river out to sea too many times, the pull of the unknown became too strong and subsequently a few years were spent in the service of the Holland America Line in capacities ranging from dishwasher and bell-boy to officer's steward.
Having experienced the sea in many moods and varieties during this time definitely changed his perspective on how ships ought to be painted. Whereas before the ship itself in all its details would dominate his art, now the sum total of ship, sea and sky began to form a a much better relationship. Mood and harmony of colours now produced a picture that had a much more dramatic impact as one saw this human built object placed right in its natural element, plowing its way to a far destination.
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