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In childhood we believe that we can be and do anything we want. Somewhere along our journeys that confidence is shaken, and it is ingrained into us that there are limitations to what we can do. Somewhere along the way some of us develop deep insecurities that deceive us, telling us we will never amount to what we dream we can be. I now strive daily to get back to that place of knowing that I can be anything, using that motivation to create whatever I set my mind to.
I am a self-taught artist specializing in graphite sketches and acrylic painting. As a child I, always loved art and drawing, I took art classes throughout my early years in school up through to my high school years. After some time, I stopped creating, believing that I must find a “real” career path, one that could sustain financially.
Throughout college I struggled to find real direction and purpose, eventually deciding to postpone formal education to start a family. In the summer of 2019, I saw a clip from the iconic Bob Ross. I was inspired by the way he taught and his sentiment that "anyone can learn to paint." Little did I know, that yes, while anyone can learn to paint, it would become the most intensive, exhausting, and thrilling journey thus far. With no formal art education, I learned through extensive research, consuming every art video and tutorial I could get my hands on.
I began painting and fell head over hills back in love with art. During this time, my husband and I both made the life altering decision to pursue our creative passions as viable careers. In 2019, we both launched our different creative pursuits, deciding to make our life about personal well-being and contentment. I became determined to see how [...]

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