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Hannah Koeske has been creating paintings and drawings since 2007. She is also a nurse, loves writing, and constructs images from ‘bits and pieces’: of thoughts, ideas, and fragments in her head. Her love for people informs her work. She thinks when you encounter someone sitting for a portrait—a new acquaintance or friend—whether you know them for only a few hours or well, their presence, passions, spirit, and an element of performance, will move onto the canvas.  She also seeks to involve the regional and local in her work.
Hannah thinks of right brain-left brain relationship to drawing and painting. She thinks that when you construct an image, you take feedback from the analytical, logical side of your brain, and from the emotional, free-association side, and combine, navigate between, or play with the two. The push and pull, or negotiation, is often fun and interesting.
Hannah has shown work in the Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Gallery One in Ellensburg, SFCC Art Gallery in Spokane, Jacob Lawrence Gallery in Seattle, and Saranac Art Projects and the Richmond Art Gallery in Spokane in group or solo shows.
Hannah lives in Spokane, Washington, She has a BFA in fine art from the University of Washington. She is pursuing a nurse practitioner degree. Her studio is a solace from the pressures and stresses of healthcare, and it is also a perpetual revelation.

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