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I have always been interested in art and have been able to draw-but have had no formal art instruction until the last 6 years.  Also, being a real estate agent for 35 years, I did not have the time for art work..  About ten years ago, a friend of mine and I started painting furniture with acrylics (it was a relaxing hobby that I did, mostly at night).--and painted furniture was very popular.. 
Then, about 6 years ago, when the economy and real estate started slowing down, I finally began taking formal oil painting  instruction and workshops.    I  love painting and creating.
I paint a wide variety of subject matter:  landscapes, animals, still life and  some figurative painting. I still consider myself a novice and  am still learning.  I really love the challenge of a new work.: the beautiful colors of nature, its patterns and textures, the  darks and shadows of shapes  and contrasts; and  also,  the beautiful effects of light when it hits an object.   But mostly I enjoy  the whole creative process.

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