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My interest in art began with History of Art classes in college, trips to museums, and making spare change as an art model. During some years off as a Mom, I did some part time work in galleries,and some volunteer work in the arts. I served as Administrative Chair of a Fine Arts and Crafts show for a number of years, and served on the Board of a non-profit gallery run jointly by artists and community people. Besides learning something about the business side of things, I came to know a lot of artists. I wanted to learn more about the process---about what goes into making a piece. So I took a few classes: drawing, painting, ceramics. Then a successful artist friend suggested I take a collage workshop with her---and I was absolutely hooked. Beside workshops with Cary Brown and Vera Duke, I have been exploring and developing on my own since I moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2011. I had my first solo show here in 2012. Other solo and group shows have followed. I am a member of the Dare County Arts Council, and my work is displayed in the Arts Council Gallery in Manteo and Harbor Gallery in Norfolk.
As a mixed media artist, I enjoy working with many different kinds of paper, and making or embellishing papers. A mental image or one I  have seen elsewhere will suggest a theme as will a phrase or color or place I have visited. Color and texture are most important to my work. I like to embellish a creation sometimes with found objects, fabrics, strings, old things, stamps, stencils, shells, sea glass, sand,  feathers, coins. I use a variety of artists' mediums to adhere the items to each other and the base of a piece, and sometimes use paint [...]

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