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My life with art has been an evolving journey. Formal training began with the Ontario Collage of Art where I became intrigued with colour and texture. I pursued this first as an fabric artist studying with City and Guilds UK  and showing at exhibitions and in galleries.During this period I began painting my own fabric and started the transition into painting. Oil and Cold Wax has become my chosen form of expression in recent years.  My Contemporary Landscape paintings reflect the world around me, the nearby Great Lakes, the surrounding hills, valleys and fields where I live.  The colours, shapes and textures you see in my paintings are a reflexion of this immediate environment. Oil and Cold Was has been an asset to the development and realization of my Abstract paintings utilizing unique techniques such as layering, marking, script and mixed media.
I have participated in exhibitions and shown my art in commercial galleries and I am pleased to have my work in private collections here and internationally.

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