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Biography – Gualberto Del Toro Colberg (Puerto Rico)
From an early age he showed a great deal of interest in drawing.  He continued experimenting with different modes of artistic expressions such as caricature, calligraphy and serigraphy. 
After obtaining his Juris Doctor from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law and admitted to the practice as a Lawyer and Notary, he started to work towards showing his paintings in public.  Self-taught in his formation as an artist, he found great inspiration in the original French impressionists, particularly Claude Oscar Monet.
Also, art of Japanese origin, as well as other aspects of that ancient culture, have greatly influenced Gualberto’s work.
His work has been exhibited not only in many cities of his native Puerto Rico, but also in Miami, Barcelona, Florence and Vienna.  Gualberto’s paintings are featured in private as well as public collections in Puerto Rico and Europe.

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