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My art represents my perception of what’s around me and where I came from. I grew up surrounded by art. I have studied Interior and Landscape Design, and owned a home furnishing/gallery shop where I expressed my creativity within that space and in other people’s homes. I am drawn to old photographs of my ancestors and intrigued by who they were, where they came from and how they lived their lives. For the most part, my art reflects the beauty (or not) of what I’m surrounded by. Nature is probably my biggest inspiration.
My sometimes-bold gestures emulate my strong feelings and my subjects portray my sentimental attachment to family and history. I have most recently been using raw, unstretched canvas. I like how it allows me to best express my feelings in the materials I use. Making art takes me to a place of trusting myself. In making marks, I can express myself without words, adding color helps me add emotions to those strokes. The most freeing part for me is laying down the groundwork and exploring different mediums. I start with graphite, charcoal, and felt pen. Then I move into choosing a palette and working with my composition. I work mostly with acrylic paint. I am conscious of how the materials I use affect the environment and I’m always working to use safer methods.

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