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To create a painting that feels like nature is different than a mere depiction of every detail. I don't try to tell you everything I know with each brushstroke. I don't care to paint every superfluous detail, every blade of grass, or every leaf on a tree. Through the expressive qualities of Impressionism, I suggest rather than explain leaving room for you, the viewer, to delight in discovery and to respond in a very personal manner. The viewer needs to be engaged, otherwise I would just take a photo and that would explain it all to you in full detail. Then you would get bored and walk away, I want you to stay, tilt your head, and with a knowing smile, nod.
I have studied at the Art Students League of New York, majored in commercial art at the New York Institute of Technology. I belong to the Northport and Huntington Arts Coalition as well as the American Impressionist Society [...]

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