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Growing up in the Midwest, I had an innate love for nature and simple beauties not often recognized.  I was compelled to express what I saw and started painting at a young age.  With a degree in art and advanced degree in communications and marketing, I worked in the graphics field for thirty years, teaching at the college level and directing award-winning print and electronic graphics departments and printing operations.  Since then I have focused on my painting.  I tend to work fast to capture the moment, preferring to work direct, so my work has an energetic quality.  I also enjoy the studio, working with many layers of translucent oils to capture color and depth.  I can be found on the back roads, from fields and towns to rivers and beaches, on hot summer days or in five degrees, oils freezing on canvas.  Oftentimes I prefer to make my own frames, customizing them to the subjects. As a family man I also enjoy bringing to life expressions of family, friends and community.  I do not focus on any particular genre, but am continually in transition as I experiment with new approaches and subjects.  My favorite artists include Frederick Hassam, Monet, and VanGogh, with whom I share one commonality . . . preacher's kids.  My hope is to paint across the USA and countries abroad.  Aside from painting I enjoy sports and outdoor activities, landscape design, music, and the study of science, history and religion.  I love God and family and my goal is to bring glory to my Lord through ART.  For me, painting is very much a spiritual experience as I see God's hand in everything and am compelled to express it.  
Soli Deo Gloria.

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