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The Artist Says:

This is not s dress rehearsal, we get one chance in life to make a statement and a mark on our society, To leave something that enables the human race to travel the universe

Collectors Say:

Ward Ryan, collector from the States But the painting is so beautiful I forgot to look and see if all the corners are ok. You made something amazing my friend.
President Bill Clinton: I just wanted to thank you Graeme for your beautiful work and for your generosity in what you are doing

Dealers Say:

Margaret Campbell Ryder: Graemes work is ever evolving and growing . He approaches his art with imagination and purpose and is always looking to create beautiful art and poignant messages in his work 

Other Artists Say:

“I am now so overwhelmed with responses, I haven’t done a thing on the book or even gone grocery shopping since it came out…yikes! I need to clone myself! ” R Geoffery Blackburn
Making an episode with Color in Your Life in 2015 was a great way to help develop my reputation as an artist who teaches. I even had locals stop me and say “hey, did I see you on Colour In Your Life?”. Two years later I was able to leave my job and work full-time in my art business. Yay! Four years later, people still get in touch wanting to work with me as a result of seeing the show.  I sought a grant and sponsorship and taught a workshop following the show so all my costs were covered within a couple of months.
So happy to be doing what I love!  You can check out what I’m up to at www.fionavalentine.com where a link to my episode has pride of place on my homepage! Graeme and Sophia were fun to work with on the show and Sophia really listened to my ideas and made the show so beautiful with her creative filming & editing. Thanks, CIYL
Debbie Lambert

WOW!  Thank you so much for all you have done. Since filming CIYL  I have had more tutoring opportunities, more exhibitions and have a waiting list for requested commissions. It has been amazing.
‘Wow! Fabulous job with my show. Best production/interview I have ever had! Five stars. You guys are real pros and I can’t say enough good things about Sophia Stacey. Take it from me – of all the professional video interviews I have had the good fortune to be a part of, this is the top, hands down. Well worth the small investment for an outstanding result like this. Love from Ann, also. You are welcome back here anytime!’



Public Speaker and Business Coach
TV Host and personality
CEO and Founder of Put Some Colour In Your life TV show
World all began in a small country town in regional in New South Wales, Australia, Graeme Stevenson’s passion for art began at age 5, knowing even then that he wished to become an artist. He took his first art lessons at age 11.  In spite of always getting into trouble in school for drawing instead of writing, he reached the hall of fame both schools he attended.

“Somehow drawing just seemed more natural to me though it exasperated some of my teachers.”

Alongside art, Stevenson studied martial arts and bred Australian parrots, learning falconry and studying taxidermy in his teenage years. Through these hobbies, Stevenson gained a better understanding of avian anatomy. This would prove invaluable as he combined it with his passion for art, using his pet birds as subjects and starting his journey as a wildlife artist.
After leaving school, he took up carpentry and became a paramedic while attending the Sydney Art College for five years, but left his career as a paramedic in early 20s to travel the globe. He obtained a pilot’s license at age 21 and has since travelled around the world at least 20 times, living in five countries, in search of subjects to paint. 
Stevenson became a wildlife artist, photographer, explorer and Atlas of was commissioned in 1988, at the age of thirty, to provide every image for “The Atlas of Parrots,” which is one of the largest editions in the 
world regarding parrots. Published in 1991, the book remains one of the greatest reference books on the subject, and can be found in natural history museums around the world, including New York, London and Paris.

His works have been featured prominently in U.S. Art Magazine [...]

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