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I grew up in the suburbs of New York City.  Our family would spend a couple of weeks each summer in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, visiting my grandparents at a boarding house they visited every year.  It came with lots of animals and a running stream to play in; kid heaven.   I always could hardly wait for the day we would be leaving for our vacation.  I loved the freedom, the animals, getting dirty and finding adventure wherever I looked.  The coming home, back to the suburbs, I remembered always being sad and hated leaving.... I missed the country.... 
Now that I have my own choices of where I want to be, I find I gravitate to the sea and the mountains for that open space I love and a place where I feel totally at peace.  Here is where I choose to spend my time, sometimes just observing, but most often with a paint brush in hand.  Just recently we have downsized and now I'm close to the sea and can be there in just a few minutes. Living where I do in the Del Mar area of Southern California, I can easily be in the mountains in about an hour as well, so it's ideal for me.  
 People ask me what my style is and I say, I'm a mix..... I'm a Realist with an Impressionist twist.  I believe this because I never paint exactly what I see.  When I'm on location, what I see to paint, is a jumping off point.  It's my impression of the scene and what I'm hoping to say with my paint and brush.  I may move rocks or trees around, or leave them out. I don't paint every leaf, I paint an impression. 
It took me some time to realize it was [...]

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